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blocklayer issue


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From the Prestashop documentation:


(Scroll down a little to "Attaching a module to a hook: Transplanting")


Two things to know before transplanting a module:

  • Some modules are written to only be attached to a given set of hooks.
  • Some hooks are written to not accept some specific kinds of modules.



Blocklayered has many hooks defined, but most for processing changes. A few are defined to 'hook' the module on the page:


public function hookLeftColumn($params)
return $this->generateFiltersBlock($this->getSelectedFilters());
public function hookRightColumn($params)
return $this->hookLeftColumn($params);
(Maybe hookFooter for categories as well, if I remember well)

If you want to put it somewhere else, you may have to write your own hook function, with the appropriate contents to make it fit at that position.


Some more info on this here:



It's good to read the user guide and the developer guide first before modifying/creating modules, so you know what needs to be done.


Hope this helps,


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If it's a 'new hook', that is not available (i.e. defined) in the blocklayered.php module code, you have to write this one yourself...


To which "new hook" do you want to add it??

I defined new hook, example displayTestLayered. Important, i used two hook on one page. Thanks you !

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