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Change 'Shopping Cart' to 'Shopping Bag'


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Hello -


I have a client selling clothing.  They would rather use the verbiage "Shopping Bag" In place of anything "Shopping Cart".  This woudl include the "Add To Cart" buttons, all links/labels of the cart, and even the icon.  I am using the default-bootstrap theme. 


I have looked extensively but found no documentation on anyone trying this.  I do know there are some real experts here though. I've been reading and finding solutions on these forums for about a year.  This is my first time reaching out, however.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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This might take some time but the best place to start would be:


Back office > Localisations > Localisations > Translations


You will need to check for the word "cart" in Front office translations and Installed module translations and then possibly have to go through a few .tpl files




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Thank you both for your suggestions and warm welcome.  I will go through and try to make the recommended changes. 


Any ideas on changing the Shopping Cart icon to something more resembling aa Shopping Bag?  I can make my own image, of course, but I'm looking to find out where to change that image/reference.


Thanks again!  It is great to have such an involved and helpful community available. 

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OK - I went through translations and changed everything there.  That was a great introduction to translations, by the way.  I will take advantage of that feature in the future.


Now - the actual shopping cart is the only thing I still need to change.  It still says "Cart" and has the shopping cart logo, of course.  I assume I am going to have to change some code in the modules/blockcart files.  Just hoping someone wise than myself can offer some educated input on this.


Thanks again!

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Just had a quick look, so, go to:


/public_html/Your Shop/themes/default-bootstrap/modules/blockcart/blockcart.tpl


and around Line 31 you will see this:


<b>{l s='Cart' mod='blockcart'}</b>


Change Cart to Bag





As for the image I believe it will be FontAwesome which you will find in:

blockcart.css around line 46




Have a look at FontAwesome to see if they have a bags or basket icons



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