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Product showing twice in categories (Multistore)

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I'm working on a multistore shop with two different domains. Shop 1 is in Danish and shop 2 is in Swedish.

In shop 2 some products shows up twice in the same category. The products are identical, same ID, same images, prices etc. I can't really figure out what is wrong.

One time i managed to "create" one of these dublicate products. I was changing the price in the product and after saving, the product showed up twice?

This problem only appears in shop 2.



I have taken a screenshot of a product that's showing twice:



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can you try while in context of shop 2, disable for that shop?


when working with multishop, if we for example use context 'group' 'all' this can have this sort of result.


getting into the habit of selecting shop context before doing work is good. :)


It didn't work :(

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