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How can i hide payment method from payment list front-end ?


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Hello All,


I need help on payment list on order page.


Payment methods are enable from back-office and i want to hide some of them on front-end.


I have search for the hook and got "displayPayment" hook to display payment list.


Can any one help me how can i change payment list on front-end even if it is installed and enable from back-office.


Thanks in advance for your help



Maksud Khatri

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you cannot configure payment methods based on the products in the cart.  you would have to add code to each of the payments methods to detect the contents of the cart and react appropriately.


And this is tricky, what happens in this scenario

Product A is bankwire

Product B is paypal


Customer adds product A and product B to the cart.  What do you do?

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