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Remove some checkout steps (1.6)


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I'm using Prestashop 1.6 for selling some virtual products,

I only need the e-mail of my customers, and not anything else like their name.


I have changed my authentication.tpl so no fields (like company etc.) will be shown.

But, after changing that file, I got this error (Yes, I'm not English)





How can I change the code (and which file?), so my customers can pay without giving a lot of information I don't need.


Hopefully someone of you can help me, that would be really awesome! :D


Great Regards.

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What you could try is to fill the fields with some default values, or there where unique values are needed, some random value, instead of keeping them empty.


So make address1 equal to 'Any street 1', FirstName = "My First name' etc.

Field values like 'Land' should be chosen from the existing countries, to avoid errors (If the 'land' doesn't exist, it will complain) so choose Netherlands or so.


My 2 cents,


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