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Customizing Attributes, specific question


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I am customizing Attributes to have an extra field in BO.  The field is selectable with a select box and has three options.


I have everything working EXCEPT for when the attribute is reloaded in BO, the new Select Box defaults back to the first option instead of the one in the database.  When I look at the HTML, there is no 'selected="selected"' html inside the appropriate <option> tag. 


How do I fix this, and what file(s) do I make the corrections?





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Hi, thepan, thnks for responding.


Unfortunately the existing attributes won't work. Here's the scenario:


My customer makes products where you can choose the product color and the material it is made from. Some colors are the same for all materials, whereas other colors are unique to a particular material and not available in other materials. On the front office product pages, I plan to have 3 columns of color options, one for each material choice. Then the customer can come in and choose color and material by selecting the texture. If i were to split it up into two attributes, the end user could accidentally select color/material combinations that are not actually available.


I need the extra field mainly for display purposes. On the product page, the textures will be split into three columns, one for each material type.

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                    Red Blue Yellow

Paper             x               x
Stone             x      x       x    
Steel                      x       x


As far as I know you can simply deactivate the combinattions that are not possible on the product page in back office.

Not at home right now, but will confirm in 20min.

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