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Checkout process - Skip Address step


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HI Guys


I'm trying to disable the address step without success.


I'm using Prestashop 1.5.


I've selected 'only account creation' through the backend options, Preference/Customers: Print Screen1


Still the address is a mandatory field on my current checkout: Print screen2


It would be great if someone in our community can bring some light on this matter.


Have a wonderful week!



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Hi Tuk66


How how are you?


Well, your post is incompressible and doesn't help at all.


On the other hand, why you stated '...you want to sell something to nobody...'????


I don't need the extensive pesonal information which Prestashop marks as 'MANDATORY', and further more, according the posts I found on the Internet, there are several Prestashop users that need to avoid this long checkout process.


In this case, I'm going to sell virtual services, so I don't need the DELIVERY ADDRESS, which will sound ridiculous for the customers, also if I have to left this useless field, which is in this case, its a complete waste of time for me and the customers, at the combobox 'Country', the only one listed is USA, now 'I'm just wondering', is it the only country in the world?


Anyway, thanks for your kind words.



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