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Multiple Language Dynamic Image Header Menu

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Hi. I love prestashop, but i'm pulling out my hair getting my designs to work. I'm no expert php programmer, but I have a good amount of experience with html and css. that makes me a debutant in the world of cms.

here my site: http://www.mimilou-shop.fr/

I was able to make a dynamic header menu using images in css referenced by the "blockpermanentlinks-header" module. The graphics look smooth and there is never ugly loading time. i'm happy. problem is... i have no idea how to make them conform to language changes on the shop. my shop is in french and english. if you switch to english the to top menu is exactly the same as when you're in french. this isn't good for monolingual clients.

so i imagine that this needs to be modified in the php files. when i look at the en.php and the fr. php in the blockpermanentlinks module folder, i have no idea how these work. what does this mean for example: $_MODULE['<{blockpermanentlinks}prestashop>blockpermanentlinks-header_2f8a6bf31f3bd67bd2d9720c58b19c9a'] = 'contact';

i'm really happy with my top menu graphically, but if i can't get it to work i'm going to have to go back to fonts in the same old look that most sites have. it would be nice to keep it. can anyone please help me?


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It seems that you have got it working. Nice!!
Can you tell us how you managed that?



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