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Reference duplicated in Zensation theme


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Hi all,


We are developing a site based on Zensation theme and we are having a problem we can not fix. 


It is about the product references inside every one of them. We see the product code, but in the label which should be seen the word Ref. or Reference, there is the reference itself (the number).


If anyone of you has a clue about it, I would really appreciate your help.






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You're probably working on the old theme version.
Current one does not have this bug.

Go to your themeforest account and download an updated version.

You can also use a polcoder.ticksy.com, leave there your FTP details and I will take a look.


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Hi there, 


Prestashop mails were going straight to my spam mail, sorry about it.


As I said, I bought Zensation theme twice, I only have problems with the first one. 


If I reinstall it, will it delete all my changes in .css and .tpl files?


Is there any way to do it?



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I like that, ;-)  But there area actually two problems, the reference one and lot of links under INFORMATION in the footer. In the new version it works perfect when I take out the check in links as Best sellers or Specials, but not in the old one. It seems to be also a version problem.

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