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Product Price Display (MSRP and MAP)


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We display pricing in the following manner on our existing site and would like to duplicate it on Prestashop if possible:


List Price: $1,079.00  
Our Price: $849.00     
Savings: $230.00
The list price is "MSRP",  our price is "MAP."
Tax is only in CA, we don't want any "tax excl" or "tax incl" anywhere. Buyers will see the price with tax in the cart if they add a California address.
We would probably be ok without the "Savings" line, but the other two prices we definitely must have.
I tried applying a price rule to a product,but it was in the same color as the original price and it insisted on adding the unit "1" to the product page.
Thanks for your help!
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The discount can be added in the price tab of the product, just add a 'new specific price', where you can decide the price reduction in amount or %, begin and expiry dates of discount etc.


If added, automatically, the original price (with strikethrough), the new price and the discount will be shown. You can change the way it shows in css.


the colour of the 2nd price you mentioned should be easy to change with some css.


Do you have a URL to have a look?

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