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Problem with Geoip.inc


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We are having a problem where customers get an HTTP 500 error and the home page fails to load. I turned on debugging and was able to get ahold of one customer who returned the following error:


"database is corrupt? in public_html/tools/geoip/geoip.inc on line 694"


Looking at the code indicates this is something related to the zone or country. We currently have limited shippping only to the United States.


Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.








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you should turn of native geo location.


you can upload a new geolitecity.data file from maxmind to tools/geoip


I do not recommend using native geo location service as geolitecity.dat file is only 85% accurate, the other 15% will not be able to shop.


if you need extended geo location we have module


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