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SQL query to select invoices with customer name


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Hello !


I made an SQL query to list all invoices :

  • id_order_invoice
  • id_order
  • total_products
  • total_paid_tax_excl
  • total_shipping_tax_excl
  • total_paid_tax_incl
  • date_add

select `id_order_invoice`, `id_order`, `total_products`, `total_paid_tax_excl`, `total_shipping_tax_excl`, `total_paid_tax_incl`, `date_add` from ps_order_invoice order by  `id_order_invoice` DESC

But I want to add these columns in the table :

  • firstname and name of the customer
  • the VAT amount
  • VAT rate



I don't know how to join other tables to ps_order_invoice to do this :

  • with id_order, we can get id_customer in ps_order
  • and with id_customer, we can get firstname and lastname in ps_customer


But what I've tried didn't work... Someone to help me ?


Thanks everybody  :)


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