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Import CSV - problem with several images for one combination


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I have version of Prestashop.

My problem is I can't upload more than one image to each combination. I would like to have 2 images for one color-size combination. So I separate image urls by ', ' but in doesnt work. It sees separate urls as one url and throws error 'there is a problem copying file... 'one url, second url'. There is no problem when it is only one url.


My CSV line example:


1342331;Kolor:select:0, Rozmiar:select:1;szary:0,m:1;166727;kat.M.K145.szary.kat.170301;;;;;;10;1;0;0;1;media_110089.jpg, media_110090.JPG;1;1;0;0;0



Please help. I have tried many solutions and all don't work for me.

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