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Add image to product in module


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I have a little problem. So I have created part of script which add new product, but I have problem with adding images to product. I would like to add product using url. So far I found in AdminImportController :

	 * copyImg copy an image located in $url and save it in a path
	 * according to $entity->$id_entity .
	 * $id_image is used if we need to add a watermark
	 * @param int $id_entity id of product or category (set in entity)
	 * @param int $id_image (default null) id of the image if watermark enabled.
	 * @param string $url path or url to use
	 * @param string entity 'products' or 'categories'
	 * @return void
	protected static function copyImg($id_entity, $id_image = null, $url, $entity = 'products', $regenerate = true)

but I have no idea what to do next. I was looking in few admin controllers and nothing...


If anyone have some suggestion, please let me know. Any kind of informations are very welcome.

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