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Customize checkout process 1.6 custom field


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Hi there!

I've searched the forum for similar problems, but haven't found any solutions, so I am submitting my first post on the forum. I have experience with smarty and PHP, but not much with PrestaShop (altough I have been browsing the 1.6 programmers documentation for some time now)

This is what I am trying to achieve:

During the checkout make the user select a warehouse from where the item will be shipped (or picked up) via the standard standard carrier modules. Based on this selection at the end of the order the client, the admin, and the warehouse operator should get one email each from the order. The list of the warehouses does not need to be editable from the backoffice, but if its not too tricky it would be good to have the selected warehouse's name displayed somewhere in the 3 emails bodys sent. Besides this warehouse selection (and additional mailing) nothing needs to be changed!

My idea is that I will make a module that utilizes the displayCarrierList (or displayBeforeCarrier) hook to display a drop down select (warehouse_id), which i can use later on to do the mail sending part.

(I got to the point where I can display arbitrary text via a the displayCarrierList   hook based on Skeleton.php available from https://github.com/jevin/Prestashop-Module-Skeleton )

What is not crystal clear, is how to post this data with the order and how to access it later on.

Could you help me, with answering to these questions?

- is my idea theoretically correct? (will I be able to pull this off?)
- which parts should I look into / modify (override a class, utilize a hook) to be able to send you the 3rd e-mail to the warehouse? (and possibly append the selected warehouse name into the mail)
- if i am fundamentally wrong, could you hit me with a clue-by-four to get me the right track? ;)

Thank you in advance,

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Hi guys, 

I would like to modify my cart options. The customer needs to change or delete products in his cart before he goes to 'checkout'. this is to avoid customers , like my dad who is 80, to chicken out. The general public does not know that you can modify at the end of the process. 

How do I add the 'modify' cart option as soon as a customer adds a product. 

Thanks for any help. 

Kind regards


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