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Paypal module creates new user from paypal profile


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Looking for some help with out modifying the paypal module code.


Prestashop v
PayPal Module v 1.3.8


The issue appears to be that PrestaShop uses the PayPal profile information to tie the order to a user in the PrestaShop database. This may be by design, but this doesn't work if a user has a paypal email address that differs from their registered PrestaShop email address.


So when a user goes to pay PrestaShop will create a new user using the PayPal profile information and also an order. When directed back to PrestaShop how ever the user will be directed to the Order History page with no orders because of this.


Does anyone know of a work around? I've tried various settings in the module in hopes to getting it to work.

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Well did some more testing, read the code, and decided to search the forums one last time. If you come across this, I hope this will help you out. PrestaShop, save your self and go ahead and install the PayPal Europe module. It works right out of the box.It doesn't seem to matter if you are in the great USA.

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