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Custom payment - field based.


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Hello everyone! 


I am working on a special web-shop only for my own colleagues. As a in-house webshop we have a special way of handling orders, as we are a bank, I have the opportunity to take the money from their orders directly from their bank accounts, as all employees have accounts with us.



So I am trying to have a payment option where they can type in their account number, and that this will show in the backoffice part. 


I've tried looking around a few places but I can't seem to find any easy solution to my problem. ?


All I need is a field wher ethey can put in their account number and for me to see it in the backend. 



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Sounds like you need a simple payment module that would allow the employee to enter the acct number during checkout (instead of picking a payment method like paypal or credit card).


The module would capture acct number, store it in the database so you could see it in the back office, and then create an order.


I'm not sure your experience with creating payment modules or php coding, so I'm not sure if this is something you are looking to create yourself, or are you looking to hire someone to create this for you?


If the latter, send me a PM and we can discuss the details

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