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Ebay 1.72 Synconize_productCron Fatal Error


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OK. I got this with 1.7.2 too....


Accessing http://example.com/ps/modules/ebay/synchronizeProducts_CRON.php gave a single "Fatal error" on screen.


I ended up having to do the following - 


Amend ebay.php, add the line

               $this->context->employee->id = 1;


       public function cronProductsSync()
(This stopped Product.php bailing out - use a legitimate value for employee number!.)
Adjust the database
alter table ps_ebay_log modify id_ebay_log integer not null auto_increment;
(This stopped a error writing to the log file)
And give extra privileges to the database user..
grant DROP on database.ps_ebay_log to 'dbuser'@'localhost';
(This allowed clearing of the list of products to update.)
I've not upgraded the module to 1.8 or 1.8.1 yet; these issues may be fixed in the later versions.
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