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How to add images to the top horisontal menu in prestashop 1.5xx


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I am desperatly in need to be able to add images to the top horisontal menu.

Here is the the example of what i need


lets say top menu is froots


so i want



apple (image) orange (different image) and so on. This is for the top horizontal menu for prestashop 1.5

I am begging you to tell me how it can be done, or atleast point to the right direction.


Thank you a million in advance for any and all solutions.

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I found this topic there expains how to do on the css side,  here is the explanation link http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/336769-solvedtop-menu-replace-text-with-images/ but there should be some modifications in php as well for that to work, maybe you can tell me what needs to be done to make it like so. Please i am trying to impement it for weeks now.

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