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1.7.2, Multistore, different eBay accounts = Nightmare!


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Just had this cost me £24 in unwanted ebay fees....


I had two stores 1 and 2, running on the same business seller ebay account, which was working fine. Added a third store (Store 6..) to keep track of personal stuff, linked to my personal ebay account. All seemed well and good, until I did a manual sync on store 2, and it used my personal account from store 6 to list ~100 store 2 items, costing me a pile of listing fees!!


And it gave me error messages in Italian.


Something very not right with this... I've emailed 202 and eBay (which bounced..) but have heard nothing back yet.



Edit: 202 Tell me that using different eBay accounts is not currently supported... and I shouldn't have been able to configure it up! Hmm,


Edit2: Version 1.8.1. now appears to implement multiple accounts properly.


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