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site not showing properly


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my website isn't showing up properly for some of my clients. i've tried my website under safari, chrome, internet explorer and mozilla firefox with no problems, yet some of my clients are complaining that all they get is a blank page with a strip of pink across it (i'm assuming the same color as the nav at the top)

prestashop 1.6

any help would be greatly appreciated

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All looks fine for me also. I assume you have cleared the cache since you updated?


Wonder if your customers who are having problems are running some kind of caching system

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I think i have an idea.

I use FireFox and when i was loading your site i found that the page was first all pink, then in one second suddenly all the page was populated with products  and the graphics, so i got a glimpse of what maybe some of your customers get.


Could you check your cache-settings for your PS: Advanced Parameters->Performance


If possible take screenshots of each section and post here.


What came to my mind, could it be your server-provider, maybe you dont get enough CPU power to your site, or if you are on a shared server and need more a dedicated server instead? (just airing out possibilities).


As mention above, it could be something with loading of your site in FF, and/or loading of CSS, but in case of CSS it would be more like the page is loaded, but looks very messy untill CSS is loaded and applied for each element.

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