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Save multilang Configuration


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Hello, this is how I currently save my 2 multilang values.

Isn't there a better way?

Prestashop set the post name to PS_MOD_ORDTPL_INV_invoice_1 or PS_MOD_ORDTPL_INV_invoice_2

And this was the only way I could think of to collect the array of id/values to save.


	private function updateConfig()
		$tpl_names_inv = array();
		$tpl_names_des = array();

		foreach ($_POST as $opt => $value)
			if (strpos($opt, 'PS_MOD_ORDTPL_INV_') !== false)
				$tpl_names_inv[$opt] = $value;
			elseif (strpos($opt, 'PS_MOD_ORDTPL_DES_') !== false)
				$tpl_names_des[$opt] = $value;



	private function setTemplateConfig($tpl_names, $type)
		$templates = array();
		$tplConf = array(
			'invoice' => 'PS_MOD_ORDTPL_INV_',
			'delivery-slip' => 'PS_MOD_ORDTPL_DES_',
		foreach ($this->getTemplateModels($type) as $tpl)
			$templates[$tplConf[$type].$tpl['value']] = array();
			foreach ($tpl_names as $conf_tpl => $value)
				if (strpos($conf_tpl, $tplConf[$type].$tpl['value'].'_') !== false)
					$id_lang = str_replace($tplConf[$type].$tpl['value'].'_', '', $conf_tpl);
					$templates[$tplConf[$type].$tpl['value']][$id_lang] = $value;
			// save each template with an array of values
			Configuration::updateValue($tplConf[$type].$tpl['value'], $templates[$tplConf[$type].$tpl['value']]);
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