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Stock Management shows 0 even after adding stock


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I'm using prestashop and I'm noticing some stock management issues:


When adding stock i get the message:


The product was successfully added to your stock.


But it still shows 0 on the stock management list.


However, when I go to the product page, the quantity does show what i added in stock management.

it also shows the correct quantity on instant stock status.


my config for all products is:


I want to use the advanced stock management system for this product.


The available quantities for the current product and its combinations are based on the stock in your warehouse (using the advanced stock management system).


Enable advanced stock management
New products use advanced stock management

Default warehouse on new products




Is there any way I can fix it so it will display quantities correctly everywhere? I had uploaded a few products already with no
problems but now every product i want to add stock to just shows 0.
Thanks for your help =)








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Has there been any response to this, as I also am having issues with advanced stock management quantities 


Hello darleenw,


I did several things, first I checked that all my products had this correctly checked:




note that sometimes my issue was i didnt wait until the page was fully loaded (icon not grayed out) so those options wouldn't save.


post-836821-0-47213700-1416219332_thumb.png post-836821-0-64943500-1416217858_thumb.png


Then i made sure shipping was the same in both product and warehouse





Finally, i verified that the product was set as usable for sale.




From what i remember this was what I did and was able to fix it. I hope it helps

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