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Turn off automatic confirmation email


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you can disable emails under: orders > statuses section in your back office




you will see there list of order states and feature to turn on / off email notification



Hi, thanks for relay.

Yes,I was trying this option,but unfortunately didnt work:-( 

When u proceed the order, PS sends 2 emails  1) preparation in progress  - which is OK  2) Order confirmed - not OK, coz I dont whant to confirm order before I check it.

As u can see in screenshot above , there is no such an option. Order conf. using the email template 'order_conf.htm / .txt ' which I couldnt find anywhere in BO to switch it off. So I was digging into the php filles and found the solution ( I think ) .

..classes/PaymentModule.php : there is a short script between lines 756-768 which sends the 'order_conf' by email automaticly after order has finished. I dont know if that will have influence on different function later, but actually I dont need that tempate ( order_conf) at all. I confirm order same time with payment request, so I use different template for that metter anyway. 

I havent marked this topic solved yet , coz not sure if this is the OK solution. It might not work for somebody.

Thanks againg for reply.

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