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PayPal submit.php modification ?


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Hello, I want to change the confirmation page you get redirected to when you complete paypal payment. I know I have to change the paypal submit.php file. But everytime i do it f***s up. I tryed php echo but im not a programming genius so hopefully someone here can help.


Right now the confirmation page looks like this:

Order confirmation

Your order on FillMeUp.dk is complete.

You have chosen the PayPal method.

Your order will be sent very soon.

For any questions or for further information, please contact our customer support.

Total of the transaction (taxes incl.) : 200,00 kr

Your order ID is : XPDEVNCSN

Your PayPal transaction ID is : 5ME20668AR665661H

Follow my order


I just want something simple like:


Order confirmation


Thank you ! We have received your order. Please check your email for confirmation bla bla bla.





I have attached the submit.php file.



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Hello, I finally figured it out myself, by looking through all the PayPal files.


The files you should be looking for if you want to modify the text on the PayPal confirmation page are:


Prestashop version 1.6 is what Im using. so...




That worked for me :)

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