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Is there some module out there (paid or free) which would let me create a product which a customer would then customize.  It would then calculate a price depending on the customizations.  The customer would also need to upload some artwork.  I know what you're thinking, no, it's not a t-shirt and coffee mug web site!  It's actually a site for custom printed circuit boards.  But maybe a module for custom t-shirts would work though.


What I imagine is the customer would first choose a particular board product, then they would be presented with a form to fill in which would ask questions like size, number of boards...etc.  It would calculate the total cost.  If the user wanted to proceed, they upload the artwork in the checkout and pay for it.


Behind the scene, perhaps a special product gets created in prestashop that only this user can see so that they an come back and buy more later if they need.


Is there some module out there that lets me create a customizable product like this?  Or is so complex that a custom module will need to be developed?





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There are two modules that might be useful 








I haven't really looked into either beyond a few minutes. I am looking for something similar but it is a feature that would make the store more professional but not essential to store so I haven't really put in the effort yet. If you find something report back. I'll be looking for something like this closer to the end of September. 

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Hi Naldinho


Thanks for that.  I had see the product-customization module.  I can't get it to work in either firefox or chrome!  It's a shame.  It looks like it could be used for something like this.


I had a look at GrooveFX product.  Unfortunately they charge per sale and the cost per sale they charge is already a substantial percentage of (if not more than!) the pieces being sold!  Their pricing probably works fine if you are selling a $20 T-shirt but not when you are selling a printed circuit board worth pennies!


I am continuing to look for something or someone to develop this.  Question is still open!  Anyone have any suggestions or want to take a stab at it?

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