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Error csv import product images


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I'm trying to import products with csv and that works, but i get error on every image .


The path to the images is my old domain. Example: http://old-domain/images/product1-image1.jpg



I have tried imported small resolution images but still same error.


Has anyone stumbled upon this in Prestashop ?


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Are u able to get CSV file upload properly as when we download example file it comes all with multiple values seperated by commas in one vertical column and it is difficult to understand for a normal person.

It seems the file like a text file seperated by semi Colan

I'm using this module for export csv from my 1.5 installation :http://addons.prestashop.com/en/export-modules/6927-advanced-export-for-15-6-produtsorders-cron-csv.html


And everything else is imported correctly but not the images.

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