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Same product, different spin


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I have a requirement for my site.  The shop sells wallpaper murals in meters squared using a module supplied by PS and More.  This all works lovely, I've done quite alot of template and design work.  My problem now is I've just been informed the shop will be selling canvases and posters.


These are subtly different to the wallpaper product, but share the same foundation, the image.


This is how I'd like it to work:


If the user chooses wallpaper they can enter the height and width,  additionally, if they choose canvas or poster, they will be able to select one of three fixed sizes, lets say small, medium or large.


I've been told I can accomplish this using combinations. but for the life of me, cant achieve the result


Any help or a good steer would be appreciated.

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Thank you for engaging with me on this thread :)


I am a 20+ years c/java developer so no problem on the javascript side and figured thats what I'd do to show/hide things... 


Prestashop combinations however, seem to only either increase or decrease the base unit price...  These will be fixed price.


I know I'm in the right area and your reply has confirmed that...  I'll have a further scratch of head later!


Many thanks again



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