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Customize product after adding it to the cart


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Hello everyone, 
I'm trying to develop a small module that allows the personalization of a specific product.


The idea is that when the user decides to add a specific product to the shopping cart, he will be taken to this special page to edit it to suit his needs. 

Afterward the modifications will be saved and prepared to be sent to production. 


I'm currently trying to use the hook actionProductAdd but I'm not sure if this the right direction. 


Could somebody help me to understand how should I proceed?


Developing on  Prestashop,
This is how I'm calling the hook and I made sure to call it on install,

public function hookActionProductAdd($params)
    return $this->display(__FILE__, 'views/templates/hooks/home.tpl');
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Small update, 


I changed hookActionProductAdd to hookActionCartSave in order to detect what was being added, the problem now is that the $params argument only displays cart information and not product info.


Any thoughts of where should I look for this?

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