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Terms and Conditions in registration form


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I need that customer accepts my terms and condition otherwise he can't register to site.


I use a commercial template but file is the same of prestashop with standard template.


I have added a screenshot to tell you where I'd like to add this checkbox with iperlink to my terms and condition.


Thanks you




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You need to extend authentication.tpl , the easy way for you (not the best way) is probably to duplicate a checkbox from the newsletter, mark it as required using HTML 5 attribute and add a small Jquery script that check that the checkbox is selected.

here is a sample of HTML, you'll need to write the JS

<div class="checkbox">
<label for="conditions">
<input type="checkbox" name="conditions" id="conditions" value="" {if isset($smarty.post.conditions) && $smarty.post.conditions== '1'}checked="checked"{/if} />
{l s='You need to accept general terms and conditions'}</label>

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