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problem width add category to data base


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I have problem to add categories to database.

I use multistore and i have parms 

id, parent,date add, date mod, name,desc, metatags 


im trying update tables with:

 "INSERT INTO `ps_category_shop` (

`id_category` ,
`id_shop` ,
'".$row['categories_id']."',  '3', '1'
"INSERT INTO  `ps_category_lang` (
`id_category` ,
`id_shop` ,
`id_lang` ,
`name` ,
`description` ,
`link_rewrite` ,
`meta_title` ,
`meta_keywords` ,
'".$row['categories_id']."',  '3',  '1',  '".$row['categories_name']."','".$row['categories_htc_desc_tag']."' ,  '".$link."', NULL , NULL , NULL
"INSERT INTO  `ps_category` (
`id_category` ,
`id_parent` ,
`id_shop_default` ,
`level_depth` ,
`nleft` ,
`nright` ,
`active` ,
`date_add` ,
`date_upd` ,
`position` ,
 '".$row['categories_id']."',  '".$parent."',  '3',  '".$depth."',  '12','34',  '1',  '".$row['date_added']."',  '".$row['last_modified']."','1','0'
insert into ps_category_group VALUES('".$row['categories_id']."','1');"
after this i use 
to generate nleft and nright columns 
and categories still doesnt works to my shop.
i see them in BO to all shops but in FO doesnt exist


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