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Tax problem only showing on invoices

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I have a problem with my invoices on my shop.

The tax rules works fine for the page itself, but for the invoices i have 2 issues:

  1. Major issue is that Total tax (over total price) includes the total shipping cost. example:
    1. Products Total (without tax) 638,40 DKK
      Products Total (with tax) 798,00 DKK
      Shipping cost 100,00 DKK
      Tax total 259,60 DKK (This should be 159,6)
      total 898,00 DKK
  2. Problem 2 is the taxdetails show tax times 2 when 2 of the same product is added
    1.  nA3fS3N.png
    2. The taxrule (momssats) is 25% and this is showing on all invoices that does not have double items.

Total view is shown here:


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