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How to force PrestaShop to re-read the information from the DB after modifying it with SQL?


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I usually prefer to edit whatever I can through manual SQL UPDATE queries rather than using the admin web interface because in the first case I don't have to wait for the pages to reload every time I do something (this annoys a lot) and can apply modifications to hundreds of records at a time instead of modifying every single one with a lot of clicks so it saves enormous time amounts.


Unfortunately in many cases PrestaShop does not show the changes I have made with SQL (despite the fact I have disabled caching as far as my shop does not have too many visitors yet an I can afford it). For example I have solved one of such cases here. Another one I am still stuck with is mass-updating the `ps_product`.`additional_shipping_cost` field - whatever I do the additional shipping costs I put there through SQL don't appear in the catalogue.


Any ideas about how to solve this kind of problems?

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