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Delete the use of accounts completely during checkout


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I think I want this too!. I have disabled "my account" "customer account" and enabled guest check out, yet when you check out, you are asked to create an account (but you shouldn't be able to surely?)


Bit bothered by this...

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The problem is you can only allow visitors to check out as guest but you cannot switch off the mandatory creation of an account. My website is for products that people don't buy just like that over the internet (av order is a few thousand euro's) so people want an quotation first which allows me to offer them a better price as I cannot show my best prices in the webshop as then I get problems with my suppliers as it is all branded goods so people ofet shop on the brand and look for the cheapest so brands insist you use the RRP (recommended retail price) eventhough it is not allowed.


I have changed the whole system from order to quotation just by amending the text in the translation files. But the checkout system is still not good as people have to go through all the steps.  The payment I have already changed (ie by using the COD module and change the translations) into a payment step that does not require any advance payment but they still have to click the button which now shows n/a.


I would be interested in a module that changes to whole checkout system into a quotation system. There are modules for quotation but only next to the normal order system and that is what I don't want.


Is there anyone with a good idea on this?


By the way: the advantage of the cart system is that people van combine more than one items and request a quotation for the lot (i.e. we sell tiles and people often order more than one size of the same tile, and with this cart they can just add what they want and send it in one quotation request. We get an email and can contact the customer to close the deal.

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