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Changes at category products display


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Hello everyone, I am trying to modify the product display when you are inside a category, I want only to display one product per category so I want to show products as shown in product.tpl and not as product-list.tpl.


I have change this part of the code at category.tpl:

{include file="./product-list.tpl" products=$products}

with this:

{include file="./product.tpl" products=$products}

Then I have modified the CategoryController.php and change its content with the code from ProductController.php, I think this modification is quite simple and it is not working at the moment, the category page shows Error 1. Product not found.


I don't know if it is very difficult trying to do this, hope someone could help. Thank you.

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it will not work.

$products variable in product-list.tpl is treated as an array

$products variable as an array is NOT USED in product.tpl, this section use $product as an object


also, comapre controllers (categoryController and productController) you will see HUGE difference


in simple words: it's not possible.

or it is with HUGE modification of prestashop

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