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My New Products block on the left hand side of my site is messed up. I'm trying to make it like the 'viewed products block.' Most importantly I can't figure out what to use for changing anything in the new product block. I'm able to change the button at the bottom in global.css, but nothing in the blocknewproducts.css will allow me to change anything. I've also tried editing the global.css to change other things and can't find the write code..


How do I change the text from highlighting Blue with and Underline? I'd appreciate any help!! Thanks in advance!!


My site is: http://tinyurl.com/n5pfy52


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Hi generalexperts,


if you have no knowledge of html/css, then it would be best to post a job here on this forum - someone can do this easy job for let's say 5$ and it will save you a lot of time. This requieres changes in both blocknewproducts.tpl and blocknewproducts.css - using stuff like negative margins periodically is a way to hell (figuratively speaking) and it will make job for the coder much harder..

I had no problems with the css help before, this time it requieres simply more than that..

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The "Development" section is dedicated to members who are trying to code their own modules/themes. Everyone can post here and ask for some help from other developers. That's how this forum works :)


Have a great day everyone.

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I know that, all I'm saying is that there's a difference between having the knowledge of scripting languages while just being stuck on few things and asking others to do entire changes in your store.

Not that this is the particular case, but I've been seeing it lately here on forum, people starting multiple threads with "I need to change this, this, this and that". 

I'm just saying that I'm really happy to help, but there's a difference between helping out, and doing stuff for free.


Anyway, you'll need to change the structure of blocknewproducts.tpl, merging the two foreachs into one, while getting rid of dd/dt tags. What sometimes helps and is the thing I do, copy the content of another module and then replace variables from let's say lastviewed to newproducts. This would ensure that the structure in those blocks will be the same. However you need to pay attention to differences between those two modules.

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I read great reviews that PS was a great place to start a site and with lots of support. You seem like the opposite of that. Of course you are referring to me. If you have a problem with something, just move on, but don't ruin it for the community of PS. What do you expect here, I am asking for help on something. Not looking for free help just to save on money, but to learn how to do something, rather than always depending on someone. Nobody here appreciates a rude reply. I guess that's why nobody visits www.psfever.com verses the other great Prestashop providers! Please change your attitude, or don't reply on peoples threads! it's not needed!

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