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broken link on my site: 404 error, how do i correct?


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I recently discovered a link on my site not working. I'm not sure why. I didn't do anything that would make this not work. Does anyone have any ideas? Also the link used to be the manufacturing block. I have renamed it "brands." 


The link I'm having problems is: http://tinyurl.com/lcvuj9g


It can also be reached by going to any of my pages and clicking on the "brands" link on my navigation header.

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Just tried your link and it gave me this URL in the browser





I have had a quick look at your site and cannot find the same/similar URL anywhere


perhaps this is a link you have changed/deleted, all the links from the 404 page work OK


anyway, a screenshot of your problem would be good



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I figured out when exactly this is occurring. It's when viewing content on the bottom of my page. ie when clicking on Shipping & returns link at the bottom and then clicking Brands at the top, it directs to this 404 page. It adds the word content. This problem also happens when on category pages for my products too, so I don't know what the connection is.


The screen shot shows my configuration of my CMS pages.


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