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Duplicate orders and duplicate Members registration on order sync.


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This duplication problem has been mentioned since 2012. Shame on you who developed and release this CRAP module. 


Either you fix it or you leave this community ASAP.


Stop wasting everyone time and money with terrible buggy modules.


Just fix it!





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I've had duplicate orders; they show as imported at the exact same second.


I suspect this is a race condition in the code. Order imports are done on an access to a site webpage half an hour after the previous update. However it only updates the last-checked time /after/ importing the orders. If that takes time to do, it's possible for another access to the site to trigger another update before the previous has had time to complete.


Ideally this should use a locking mechanism to avoid this, but a simple fix should be to update the last-checked time immediately; still not perfect but it reduces the time available to trigger another import considerably - In ebay.php, around line 634 (in v1.7.2) move the line

$orders = $this->_getEbayLastOrders($current_date);
to /after/ the line

$this->ebay_profile->setConfiguration('EBAY_ORDER_LAST_UPDATE', $current_date);
I've not fully tested this, but it should work... backup first of course! Edited by irrelevant (see edit history)

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Is there any professional PHP programer in this forum???? There are more threads and bugs than sales made in any prestashop.


I'm getting pissed off with bugs. IT's been like this for years.


So called developers of module >>> Get a grip!! Stop releasing junk. >>>> a version update should only be done to fix minor bugs or add new features.


They use the community to track their bugs cause they are too lazy to do it themselves.

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