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Products availability update via webservicew

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Hello, i am looking into PS webservices and my first goal is to update products availability on my PS from my local ERP database.


I enabled only stock management and not advance stock management. 

Going throught the documentation, i understand that i ll have to export data from my local db (ERP) and somehow PUT them in /api/stock_availables

GET the full XML file for the resource you want to change (/api/customers/7), edit its content as needed, then PUT the whole XML file back to the same URL again     

I checked the examples on github but all of them have to do with customers.


1. Has anyone coded connection with products or even better with their availability?

2. How should i run that php file & lets say i get an xml from my db for all the products, can i pass all data through that file?


Thanks in advance,


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