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Making a CMS page the homepage


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On my store currently, there is a homepage, the dynamic homepage provided by PrestaShop and a bunch of static CMS pages that I have created. 

I want to remove the current dynamic homepage and make one of the static CMS pages the new homepage. How can I do this such that:


1. ../ opens to the CMS page and not the home page

2. "home" link in the breadcrumbs is now the CMS page (without having to manually do this).

I basically want to change the home page for the entire system. Solution to either would be highly appreciated.

Here is what I have tried:

index.php file in the root folder I tried a simple PHP redirect


but without any success. The error shown is "webpage has a redirect loop".



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Need a simple solution for prestashop 1.7.x (without hacking core file).


There is probably something to put in the index.tpl file to load a specific CMS page content, but I'm new to prestashop and can't find what is the right syntax.





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