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USPS / UPS modules don't recalculate?

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Hi all,


I'm trying to get the UPS and USPS modules to work correctly, but am having some odd issues.


1.  Only the first calculation seems to work properly.  If I update the quantities or add new products to the cart, the shipping price either doesn't change or only increments by $1 (even if I make it qty 100, etc).


2.  I find it annoying that before the shipping is calculated, it just shows the handling charge as the full shipping charge in several places (after adding to cart and at the top of the checkout page)


3.  Is there anyway to let a user get a calculation with just a zip code at the top of the page before entering all of their info?


For what it's with, this is on a brand new install, only 2 products, etc.  I have active accounts with UPS and USPS that are returning correct values for single items, so that seems ok.


I'm using one-page checkout, if that matters.

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