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Show attribute public_name instead of name


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This is more a technical question I guess.


If I export my catalogue on eBay, all the products are fine, the only problem is that when a product has different sizes, the attribute name shown on eBay is not the socalled (in Prestashop database) "public_name", so the name I have chosen to show on the shop, but it is the simple name.


Example of what I get:

Football ball

colorattributeIMPORT: (combobox with Yellow, Blue, Red, ...)


What I want to get:

Football ball

Colors: (combobox with Yellow, Blue, Red, ...)

In this example I have chosen my attribute to be called in Prestashop "colorattributeIMPORT" because that's the attribute name that I use during automatic products import, but in the attributes section of Back Office I have configured it to be shown as "Colors" for english customers, so the default language.
How can I get the default language public_name instead of colorattributeIMPORT? I've tried to do some changes into the module code to get public_name instead of name into the database but then I get problems with products with combinations. I have to say I'm very surprised that this is not the default behaviour of the module.

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