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FTP Path for Bulk Image Upload

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I'm building my new 1.6xx store out and plan to upload about 75,000 products into the catalog. Obviously, editing them all by hand is out of the question.


The product information is available to me in both CSV and XML, both files come built with relative paths (i.e., /images/ManufacturerName/ProductUPC.png) in them. There are not full URL's in either the XML or CSV files.


The images are made available to me from the distributor in the same manner - I grab them from their FTP site in the same path structure (/images/ManufacturerName/ProductUPC.png) on my PC.


What I need to understand is this:


1. What folder (the COMPLETE path please) is the one I should upload this fairly massive photo collection to on my server? I'll be doing this via FTP. I'm hosting with InMotion on shared hosting.


2. How do I point the store to the relative URL of the images? The products are already associated with their images in the XML and CSV files, so I'm assuming the database can chew through that over time.


3. If there's a module that's actually good at this, please, speak up!



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You can upload them anywhere on your server that you want. Then in your csv file, you just specify the location of the image and PrestaShop will grab it from that location. You could grab them from the location on the other server as well, you would just need to put the path to the image in the csv.

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Anybody? I'm also interested : What is the correct path for CSV Upload, if you don't want to type the URL, so it loads the image from the server directly? 

I  put my product img in : /img folder of the prestashop (the first one, not the one of the default-theme)


I tried ../img/products/.... ; /img/products.... and /myprestashopname/img/products --> nothing work.. It only work when I put the full URL. 


Is it normal ? 

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Just so you know, I actually easily solved this, and realize my issue was because of my lack of Prestashop experience :) 


Here is the solution for people who would end up on this thread : 

-> When importing with specified image URL, Prestashop automatically import linked images into the right folder, according to its nomenclature (generating image sizes, etc)

-> I created files "product/NAMEOFSTORE/" in the /img folder
-> I directly put the img URL which is, here : http://www.mystore.com/img/NAMEOFSTORE/xxx.jpg"
-> For better visibility, my IMG name is the same as my product ID (easy generating with CSV, then just change the name of the images themselves) 

Then : 
1/ I upload the images on FTP -> /img/products/NAMEOFSTORE/...
2/ I upload the CSV file with the img URL 
3/ I delete img of the /img/product/NAMEOFSTORE, since all images were duplicated and mini-image generated by Prestashop  

Done ! 
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