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Bulk creating product packs via csv import

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Hi everyone,

I've just recently started learning about Prestashop and I'm creating a first -relatively small- webshop in order to understand all critical points before moving onto a larger project (moving an existing shop done with OsCommerce to Prestashop... wish me good luck!).

So far I like many of the features that Prestashop.

But (there's always a but)... I would really like its import features to be easier and more powerful. 

Since I will have to migrate a shop that has over 15.000 products ID, that is something I will be using A LOT.

Hey.. Presta-gurus... can you hear me? This is something that really can make a difference when managing large catalogues with seasonal products...

I noticed that so far there is not (or, more easily, I couldn't find it) a way to import product pack via a csv file.

Is it so?

Product pack are great to clear up leftovers in the stocks and such... and are great to "mix and match" different products to increase the spending on the site.


Does anyone have a solution or can point out to a module which is able to manage importing product packs, please write here.


If not, I really hope someone would develop such a module SOON!!

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We are trying to create a csv sheet of products through Excel sheet of MS Office 2013 but when we are saving it as .csv format then the attributes are not displayed in comma seperated format rather than in the conventional excel format.Please help us in converting the excel sheet to a sheet of products with attributes seperated by commas.When we are trying to save as the excel sheet in csv format the sheet is getting saved in such format with .csv extension but the values remain as the same in tables & rows like in old excel format.Please help us.




Kalyan G,


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Did anyone get this to work or find if its possible, I have spent weeks designing a system to sell photos from events and assumed I could export the product groups the same way we have been exporting products, we need this as we export all the pictures of each runner to a pack and show them rather then individual products then allow them to either purchase that or once inside the pack they can also select just one pictures.

Now it seems we cant do this so we will have to change to another system and waste all the work.

Prestashop is getting really annoying, its a nice system with lots of features but support from the actual developers seems like zero and basic features seem to have been overlooked.

Shame as we were trying to see our system on to others who would also need Prestashop.


Grateful if anyone found out if its possible to post one way or the other


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It's almost 2018 and there's still no built-in way to import product packs?


Obviously there are paid modules out there that can do the job, but I don't see myself spending 70 euros just for that. Prestashop modules are way overpriced for some reason.


Come on Prestashop developers, please!

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