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Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt - Set them up correctly

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in my shop (ps 1.6) i did as follows:


1. generated the sitemap with google sitemap module. Afther that i had 3 sitemaps in root directory:

    - sitemap.xml (the old one - i have removed it)

    - 1_index_sitemap.xml (it simply redirects to the one below)

    - 1_de_0_sitemap.xml (i think this is the one needed for google bot, the master Sitemap)


2. i have submitted the 1_index_sitemap.xml  to Google Webmaster account as said in PS google sitemap module


3. Generated robots.txt file. When i opened it i saw no sitemap section at the end, like in the old one,

for example:

# Sitemap
Sitemap: http://www.example.de/ sitemap.xml

That's why i have added in the new robots.txt the followin line:

# Sitemap
Sitemap: http://www.example.de/ 1_de_0_sitemap.xml


I just wanna know if i did this whole procedure correctly or should i replace it with

Sitemap: http://www.example.de/ 1_index_sitemap.xml, or i dont need it at all?

and moreover, why should i submit the index sitemap and not the master one into google webmastertools

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Hi sooroos,


The Google Sitemap Module generates one xml for each language you have in your store. So, submitting 1_index_sitemap.xml it's ok.

Google Webmaster Tools will search in that file for other sitemaps and will add them.


You don't need to specify anything else in robots.txt if you already submitted the xml with GWMT

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thanks for your answer, but if i already added this line in robots.txt:


# Sitemap
Sitemap: http://www.example.de/ 1_de_0_sitemap.xml


should i erase it? or it wont affect the way robots crawl?

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It is my sitemap link but in https://www.woorank.com/ and any places my site map is not available.
please let me know what should I do?
In my server I have a robot.txt file That I read in some places that I should make some changes in it.

I rhink my site is not indexing well. 
please help me

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