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Product Carrier problem prestashop


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hello to everybody, I have a big problem with version.


I have 2 products tipology A and B
tipology A goes with carrier 1 with additional costs
tipology B goes with carrier 2 with no cost

if I buy tipology A or B the module works well, if I buy tipology A+B it doesn't work.

In check out process appare: choose your carrier but I have just one check box. When I click next my page refresh in the same page and stop there.

In prestashop 1.5 it worked well with product carrier module, but not in 1.6 version.


Pls help me :(



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Ih have the same Problem with 1.6. Product B has a different shipping price and carrier as Product A. If i combined Product A+B in the cart for order, on the shipment site the software combining the shipment but cannot going to payment. I think i open a bug report 

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