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Product page and Top Horizontal Menu module

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Hello guys,


I am experiencing a problem within my product pages.

I cannot make the h1 tag (product title) and the breadcrumb class, standing in front of the grid 9 of the header, where the top horizontal menu module is hooked to. 

you can see an example of the issue here

It is not impossible to select / highlight title of product and breadcumb (categories path) because a transparent object is covering them.

I tried to "play" with firebug to amend the variables and manually fixing the height of grid 9 and sf-container class without any luck. 

Anyone with more experience than me can help me find a working solution ?

Thank You

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Now I partially solved it editing the z-index variabile to 10 in global.css raw 46 

but a new problem has sorted out,  the scrolling sub of top menu are now being broken up in more pieces by the center columns.

You can see this either in the homepage or in all the others pages of the website.

If I bring back the columns to a z-index lower than 10  (header hook is on 10), I'd be back at the original situation.

Anyone has any idea about how to sort this out?   :D

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