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USPS Shipping and Label module


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I am looking for someone who can write a module for use in my PS storefront.  


I'm looking for a module using USPS to:

1) Calculate rates for different types of shipping based upon product information

2) Allow for selecting specified shipping service

3) *Pay for postage online - If possible

4) Create Shipping label for shipping

     Properly format Customs forms for international shipping

     Simple click through printing

5) Add tracking information to current order

     Change order status to "shipped"

6) Send shipping confirmation email to customer

7) Allow for cancellation / refund if label (if prepaid postage is possible)

8) Change order status to "delivered" after confirmation from USPS


I'm assuming this module may have already been created as it seems like a "no-brainer" for US based merchants.  Pleas reply with your thoughts and a overall price for creating this module.  I know there are several label modules and USPS modules currently available, I just have not find these integrated.


I currently use a 3-party shipping provider for these services but I would like to have it "in-house" if possible.

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There are a few modules that do most of this already.  Unfortunately USPS does not allow for postage paid labels to be created through their web tools API, you have to use one of their approved vendors (like ebay/paypal, stamps.com etc...)


This means that you have to apply your own postage to the label/package, or take it to the post office and pay for it.


I would suggest looking at these 2 modules to see if they are within your budget and do what you are looking for



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