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AdminController $this->_orderBy


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Im writing a backend module and woiuld like to order my list by multiple fields, how do I do this?


I have tried the following but the sql errors.

    $this->_orderBy = "a.iso, a.to";
    $this->_orderWay = 'DESC, ASC';

    $this->_orderBy = "a.iso||a.to";
    $this->_orderWay = 'DESC||ASC';
    $this->_orderBy = "a.iso!!a.to";
    $this->_orderWay = 'DESC!!ASC';


many thanks.






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Hi Gary,

Because _orderBy and _orderWay are not arrays...

I think the only solution is:

creating a column to be used in $this->_orderBy (using concat in order to order by successive conditions) and set $this->_orderWay to either 'ASC' or 'DESC'.


Here is an exemple for my application:

        $this->_select .= ',
        concat("20",substr(deliv_date,11,2),substr(deliv_date,7,3),substr(deliv_date,4,4),substr(deliv_date,1,3),"-",30-current_state,"-",a.id_order) as my_order_by';
        $this->_orderBy = 'my_order_by';
        $this->_orderWay = 'DESC';


my_order_by is something like: 15-01-23-6-123 (date-current_state (reverse)-id_order)

As a result, rows are displayed in this order:

date DESC, current_state ASC, id_order DESC
Note that numeric values could be sorted in a reverse order.

In my example, I select 30-current_state (with 30 > max value).

Hope this helps.



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Haven't tried it, but you might 'hack' it by just adding it all to the orderby clause:


$this->_orderBy = "a.iso DESC, a.to ASC";
    $this->_orderWay = '';



(As you see, the DESC should be directly after the a.iso. )

When splitting it in $this->orderway as you did before, it will just adds it to the end of orderby text:


"a.iso, a.to DESC, ASC"


Which is incorrect



Give it a try.

My 2 cents


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dear Pascal,

$this->_orderBy = "a.iso DESC, a.to ASC";

provides an error due to Validate::isOrderBy($order_by):

2168.         /* Check params validity */
2169.         if (!Validate::isOrderBy($order_by) || !Validate::isOrderWay($order_way)
2170.             || !is_numeric($start) || !is_numeric($limit)
2171.             || !Validate::isUnsignedId($id_lang))
2172.             throw new PrestaShopException('get list params is not valid');


after changing isOrderBy, in order to avoid this exception, a new problem appears:

ORDER BY clause is changed  in $this->_listsql and provides 1 SQL error: Unknown column 'a.to ASC' in 'order clause'


So, my conclusion is: only one field is allowed...

My solution works well and doesn't require any patch.

I think this one is ok for Gary because iso is a numeric value.

A solution for him could be:

$this->_select .= ', concat(1000000000000-a.iso,"-",a.to) as my_order_by';
        $this->_orderBy = 'my_order_by';
        $this->_orderWay = 'ASC';


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