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[Solved bug] Installation problem: __ set_state


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Hello everyone, 

when the module is installed sometimes you encounter this error 

  • "The following module (s) were not installed successfully: 
ebay: Unable to install the override: The method __ set_state in Cart class has been canceled. 


To solve the problem you need to perform the following operation directly in your FTP: 

go to the "modules" file => "eBay" => "override" => "classes" => "Cart.php" click view / edit and search for the "public static function __ set_state ($ attributes)" function and remove the following lines: 


public static function __ set_state ($ attributes) 


$ cart = new Cart (); 


foreach ($ attributes as $ name => $ attribute) 

$ cart-> {$ name} = $ attribute; 


return $ cart; 


If the problem persists please contact us: 



202 ecommerce

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